The Seductive Appeal of Research

It starts out innocently enough – a stolen glance on the internet to verify a fact – just a glimpse to check a date – a little peek to confirm a detail.

 But one thing always seems to lead to another…

Several hours later, screeds of interesting facts and apt details scatter the page. Fragments of poignant true life experiences are sparking off ideas for future stories, but sweet diddly has been put down towards today’s word count.

It has been going on for a week or two now and my latest heroine has made camp on my book shelf.

She’s eating peanuts – somewhat huffily (Note – I’m resisting the urge to Google whether peanuts were actually available in early nineteenth century Australia).

They’re whole peanuts. I’m guessing if they had them, they wouldn’t have sold them shelled. So she’s shelling them and biffing the husks at me.

I know what she’s thinking.  I should stop watching that video I found on the internet of the hot shirtless blacksmith at work (strictly for research purposes of course) and conjure up hers.

And I will.

Just as soon as I watch it one more time.

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