New Romance Writing Contest

Check out Romance Writers of New Zealand’s fantastic new contest the ‘Pacific Hearts Award’. Its open 1 February – 1 March, its a full novel contest, and its judged by readers not writers.



Feminism and Romance Novels


Is reading and writing romance novels selling out as a feminist? This was the nagging fear I had hammering away at intervals in the back of my mind when I first started writing romance. I ignored it for quite some time, but when the hammering got loud enough  – not when I was reading or writing romance because then I was enjoying myself too much to care, but later, in the quiet moments I had to consider it. Then, when there was nothing better to do than indulge in some personal philosophical angst, I had to face my anxiety about whether or not I might be letting the side down.

Looking at the romance literature industry, however, it’s difficult to see how being involved with it could possibly be anti-feminist. Continue reading

Getting Hooked on Romance


Many romance authors can trace their love affair with the genre back to their teenage years, after stumbling on romance novels belonging to their mother, grandmother, or a friend. In my case, I found a romance on the bookshelf at my grandmother’s that belonged to my aunt. There weren’t a stack of them. I’m sure there was just the one, but I started reading it and took it home. Of course I got ‘caught’, got into trouble, got lectured – not for taking the book you understand, that was no problem – reading was to be encouraged. The problem was that it was a romance, and this stirred up a swag of stereotypes and negative attitudes to romance genre fiction, which warrant a whole other blog post. Continue reading

Breaking News


Recently I received some exciting news about my work that I’m not in a position to share…just yet…but check back again soon to find out  how, and where, you will be able to buy my books.