‘Category Style’ Romances


I love writing ‘category style’ romances.  I say category style because Escape Publishing, who published my first two romances, don’t actually have specific categories in the way that some other romance publishers do, but anyone picking up either The Convict’s Bounty Bride or Legally Addicted will see the category hallmarks stamped all over them, or at the very least something of a distinct watermark seeping through.

Writing to category constraints in terms of: word length, point of view, dialogue to narrative balance, and character driven compared to plot action requirements is enjoyable. Some writers might feel overly constricted, but the constraints create a challenge in themselves that can throw up interesting results, and it does mean that readers know, at least in general terms, what they are getting.

But having said that I’m about to shake things up. I’ve got something percolating that lends itself to the first person point of view, that interweaves two distinct plot layers, with a hero and heroine who are older – maybe late thirties early forties, and in a departure from my usual heat level, I think it will be sweet.

What do you prefer? Category versus single title style romances? Sexy versus sweet? Traditional versus something that breaks the rules?   

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