Call Story


This week, bestselling Australian romance writer Kylie Griffin shared my ‘call story’ or more correctly in my case, my ‘call email’, on her blog as part of a series she is running on new authors.

Now that its out there, I thought it was time I  posted it on my own website, especially, as while I was still an unpublished writer, reading other people’s call stories always gave me a lift.

When I first saw the subject line of said auspicious email sent by Kate Cuthbert, Managing Editor, of Harlequin Australia imprint Escape Publishing, I had already filled in the rest of the email in my head.

In my mind the very first word was ‘Unfortunately….’

But no. After I opened it, I had to re-read the email several times because it continued along the lines of: ‘ I’m delighted to accept your manuscript for publication.’

I found my partner, the first person I wanted to share the news with, working  in the garden outside, and as warnings of impending waves of breaking emotion are always appreciated by my rather stoic real-life-hero  I said: ‘I’ve got something to tell you, but when I do, I’m probably going to cry.’

Actually, I did manage to keep the tears at bay just long enough to tell him about the email, after which he dropped his gardening fork to give me a big hug, followed by a hasty trip inside to see if we had a drop of anything worthy of being opened on such an auspicious occasion.We managed to find something half pie reasonable and toasted the email (okay there may have been several toasts) after which I was pretty much insensible for the rest of the day. (In my defence, I’m a ‘one sniff of the cork and I’m on my ear’ kinda gal).

Prior to publication you are so focused (okay, if truth be told probably totally fixated) on getting that first break that you don’t think much further ahead than that, but what you soon discover is that is only half the deal. After that comes working with your editor, setting up a web/social networking presence if you haven’t got one already, marketing and more writing, writing, writing. So I’m glad I took time out to enjoy a moment that took years of writing to achieve, comes but once, and when it does is only fleeting.


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