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Feel its time to spread your wings?

The word is that Escape Publishing are actively seeking submissions at the moment. So what are you waiting for? Check out Managing Editor, Kate Cuthbert’s recent blog posts on submitting to Escape and the most common reasons for rejections.

‘Category Style’ Romances


I love writing ‘category style’ romances.  I say category style because Escape Publishing, who published my first two romances, don’t actually have specific categories in the way that some other romance publishers do, but anyone picking up either The Convict’s Bounty Bride or Legally Addicted will see the category hallmarks stamped all over them, or at the very least something of a distinct watermark seeping through.

Writing to category constraints in terms of: word length, point of view, dialogue to narrative balance, and character driven compared to plot action requirements is enjoyable. Continue reading

Plotters vs Pantsters


Before I started writing I’d never heard of plotters and pantsters. Plotters carefully plan out all the key aspects of their novel before they start and then there are the pantsters who as the name implies fly by their seat.

In everyday life I’m a plotter. I make lists, I plan. I strategise. Continue reading

New Romance Writing Contest

Check out Romance Writers of New Zealand’s fantastic new contest the ‘Pacific Hearts Award’. Its open 1 February – 1 March, its a full novel contest, and its judged by readers not writers.



Feminism and Romance Novels


Is reading and writing romance novels selling out as a feminist? This was the nagging fear I had hammering away at intervals in the back of my mind when I first started writing romance. I ignored it for quite some time, but when the hammering got loud enough  – not when I was reading or writing romance because then I was enjoying myself too much to care, but later, in the quiet moments I had to consider it. Then, when there was nothing better to do than indulge in some personal philosophical angst, I had to face my anxiety about whether or not I might be letting the side down.

Looking at the romance literature industry, however, it’s difficult to see how being involved with it could possibly be anti-feminist. Continue reading